The Creative Practise helps build creative confidence and skills using art materials. Practising these strengths go together – and can help you communicate ideas, develop creative responses and concepts, and engage groups to support collaboration.

Teacher Training

The Creative Practise TQI accredited teacher training is designed to helpĀ  integrate art into lessons throughout the curriculum. It provides the confidence and skills to address the challenges in the classroom setting, and offers help with lesson plans, materials and equipment to set you on your way… Even how to work with art without having a sink to clean up.

  • How to use paint in the classroom without a sink – watercolour and gouache painting techniques TCP182 | TQI accredited 2019 | Brochure
  • How to draw a dog* (*or just about anything) on the whiteboard with confidence – foundation skills TCP181 | TQI accredited 2019 | Brochure
Other courses, workshops and events

Other courses are designed for public and private sector professionals, as well as Creative Workshops for adults, children, or mixed participant groups – for example syncing in with community events.

It is all about giving life long skills that you can incorporate into your daily business whether you are a teacher, a corporate, or an artist or creative.

The Creative Practise can design custom courses for specific needs, audiences, locations, themes, or events. Get in touch for more information.